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Are you willing to put your once-in-a-lifetime event at risk by being somebody's Side Gig?

Most balloon companies are one-person, part-time side hustles. That means they generally charge less than we do... but that also means that if any unexpected circumstances happen (they or their child get sick, a babysitter cancels, burn out, a last-minute vacation, procrastination delays, their full-time job schedule changes, car problems, etc.), your event will get pushed to the back burner and you may have a no show on the day of your event. 😱

When you work with Balloon Artisan, you'll have an entire team with 11+ years of experience (over 100 years of combined experience) that is working for you to make sure your event goes off without a hiccup. You'll never get a second chance to celebrate this milestone in your life and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have the event you've always dreamed of.  

Corporate Balloon Arches, Balloon Garlands and Balloon Columns

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An traditional organic balloon arch with logos on it near me.

C1: Standard-Sized Organic Balloon Arch

Order a spiral balloon arch near me for a grand opening.

C2: Standard-Sized Spiral Balloon Arch

A balloon garland on a logo backdrop step and repeat for a photo op.

C3: Step and Repeat Balloon Garland

A freestanding balloon garland arch in front of a building entryway.

C4: 12’ Ground-Supported Balloon Garland

Black and white balloon column with a company logo on it.

C5: Spiral Balloon Columns

Organic balloon columns for a company party.

C6: Organic Balloon Columns

A black shimmer wall balloon installation for a corporate party grand opening with logos on it.

C7: 8’ x 8’ Deluxe Shimmer Wall Balloon Arch

Balloons on a light up marquee letter sign.

C8: Light Up Marquee Balloon Arch

Light up Marquee Letters saying VIP and that has balloons for a corporate balloon decoration.

C9: Double Row Light Up Marquee Balloon Arch

A Grand opening balloon arch for a medical spa front entrance.

C10: Grand Entryway Balloon Garland

Balloon Decoration arch for a grand opening.

C11: Large Custom Grand Opening Balloon Arch

A balloon installation with beach balls on it for a Cvent event.

C12: Standard Organic Balloon Arch with 2 Organic Balloon Columns

Light up marquee words with balloons decorating them.

C13: Deluxe Light Up Marquee Balloon Arch

An 80s themed disco groovy balloon photo backdrop for an 80s themed party.

C14: Themed Organic Balloon Arch

A large custom balloon arch at a convention center.

C15: Large Custom Organic Balloon Arch

Las Vegas themed balloon arch for a casino night.

C16: Themed Organic Balloon Arch

Light up letter marquee sign with balloon photo op

C17: Light Up Marquee Balloon Arch

A blue white and gold balloon wall in las vegas for a photo op backdrop.

C18: Balloon Wall with Logos

Balloon arch and ribbon for a grand opening ceremony.

C19: Grand Opening Step and Repeat Balloon Garland

A balloon arch garland on a boxwood hedge wall and wood backdrop for photos.

C20: Greenery Wall with Chiara Arch and Balloon Garland

A silver shimmer wall with a balloon garland and neon sign for a photo backdrop.

C21: Large Shimmer Wall with Balloon Arch

A large balloon wall photo back drop with a logo made out of balloons.

C22: Custom Balloon Wall

A large balloon arch backdrop installation on a hedge wall.

C23: Greenery Hedge Wall with Balloon Garland

An organic balloon garland with a company logo on a greenery wall.

C24: Greenery Hedge Wall with Balloon Arch

Balloon Artisan is a decor company that can decorate a step and repeat with a balloon garland.

C25: Balloon Garland on a Step-and-Repeat

A golden shimmer wall backdrop with balloons on it for a photo op.

C26: 8' x 8' Gold Shimmer Wall with Balloon Garland

Balloon columns and a balloon arch for a grand opening entryway.

C27: Custom Grand Opening Balloon Decor

A fun balloon tunnel entryway to run through.

C28: Balloon Tunnel Entryway

Custom designed balloon columns with a donut candy and sprinkle theme.

C29: Themed Organic Balloon Column

Silver shimmer wall backdrop with balloons on it for a photo booth.

C30: Double Chiara Balloon Arch with Shimmer Wall

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Our clients trust us to make their events unforgettable, and we execute their vision on time, every time!

We have worked with HUNDREDS of companies and thousands of personal clients over the past 10+ years. We are the team you need to make your next event unforgettable!

Companies that hire Balloon Artisan for their balloon decor.
They were professional, sweet, quick and so thorough. I honestly gasped when I saw the final outcome! I wouldn’t change anything about the process except agreeing to the contract sooner! I truly can’t recommend Balloon Artisan enough.
Stephanie Prado
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We promise your experience working with us will be pretty awesome... but don't just take our word for it. Here's what others are saying about us!

A balloon wall backdrop with mosaic balloon letters for a company photo op.

The entire Balloon Artisan crew, from contract to installation, were very professional and wonderful to work with. They were able to help us execute our vision and theme seamlessly for an unforgettable event day experience. The balloon installations were meticulously put in place and removed promptly at event close. Highly recommended and will use their services again!

Nicole Huau

A balloon garland on a step and repeat photo backdrop.

After a solid search of looking for a balloon artist, the Balloon Artisan team took it to the next level. Not only did they capture our vision better than expected, but they provided customer service like I’ve never seen before. Their communication was top tier. If you’re considering them for your next event, this is your sign to do it!! It will take it the next level, I promise.

Madison Winterton

A large balloon arch outside of a building for a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Balloon Artisan team was so fantastic to work with from start to finish. They made an effort to visit our location to map out locations of activations and suggest ideas to amplify our Grand Opening Event. I've worked with several balloon vendors, and they are far superior! 100% recommend working with them for any balloon/activation needs.

Jordan Weinsoff

Balloon Garland surrounding light up marquee letters for a graduation.

Keenan and his team were fantastic! Super helpful and responsive from start to finish. They worked with our event budget, provided design idea examples, and produced great work that really elevated the look of our event. They were on time to set up and took care of break down. Looking forward to working with Balloon Artisan again for our future events!

Kerri Fuller

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Balloon Arches, Balloon Garlands and Balloon Columns

How do I order my Balloon Arch, Balloon Garland and Balloon Columns?

Simply fill out the form on this page if you have questions, would like a custom quote or are ready to get your balloon arch Delivery scheduled!

We receive about 15-20 requests for balloon arches every day (We are REALLY good at what we do) so filling out that form is the best way for our team to make sure we have all of the details we need to get you a quote in one place.

How does Balloon Arch and Balloon Garland Installation / Clean Up work?

Our team will handle all of the installation and clean up of your balloon arch and balloon garland for you! Generally we will build your balloon arch off-site and bring it preassembled. At times we will add additional balloons on-site to perfect your balloon arch / balloon garland design.

Once your event is over, we will return to your venue and get everything cleaned up for you! Trust us... you do NOT want to be picking up balloon scraps all night...

How long will my Balloon Arch last?

Most of our clients only need their balloon arches for a short duration (1-3 days) and the balloons generally hold up just fine for that duration. If balloon arches are indoors they can easily last several weeks and still look great!

We can't make any definitive promises but your balloon arch should generally last a day outdoors without too many issues. It's important to know that direct sun exposure, extreme heat (above 95 degrees) and wind can be very unkind to your balloon arch. Our team has a secret process we've developed over our 10+ years decorating for outdoor events that will maximize your balloon arch's chances of survival though.

Can I get my Company's Logo on my Balloon Arch, Balloon Garland and Balloon Columns?

Absolutely! We are experts at integrating your logo into your balloon arch, balloon garland or balloon column toppers.

Will my Balloon Arch have Helium in it?

None of our balloon arches or garlands have helium in them. Your balloon arch and balloon columns will always be delivered on a freestanding, supporting framework.

We are not fans of using helium in balloons and we try to help our clients not be as well. Helium is a limited and depleting resource that is in short supply right now. Many venues won't allow helium balloons plus it's expensive, terrible for the environment and there are much better uses for helium than inflating party balloons (like using it for life-saving medical procedures).

Can my Balloon Arch be moved once it's installed?

Absolutely! As long as you have at least 2 people it's quite easy to move a balloon arch around your venue. You can always request that our team does that for you or we can teach your team how to move it.

How big will my Balloon Arch be?

If you are thinking the standard semi-circle balloon arches, we measure those balloon arches by the dimension of the opening. Our standard-size balloon arches have an opening size of 8'x8' and our large-size balloon arches have an opening dimension of 12' x 9'.

Is my balloon arch environmentally friendly?

The vast majority of our balloons are 100% latex. Latex is created using the bark of the rubber tree, is 100% biodegradable and decomposes at the same rate as an oak leaf. The carbon footprint of balloons is also lower than just about any other decor element out there (air is pretty easy to come across and uninflated balloons take up almost no space). The carbon footprint of flowers for example is significantly higher than the carbon footprint for balloons.

We also make sure that we pick up every last balloon scrap when we clean up your balloon arch.

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An orange and white balloon arch for a company event with branding.

The team was an absolute dream to work with. They contacted me immediately after I submitted my form and we figured out what would be the best balloon display to do for my event. They arrived on time and created the most beautiful balloon arch. I got compliments the entire next day because everyone thought it was so pretty. I would highly recommend this awesome team—especially Keenan!

Cheri S.

A balloon garland placed on a large hedge greenery wall with a neon sign on it.

Nothing short of an AMAZING team! Balloon Artisan checked in on our event every day and made sure the balloons were perfect! From the planning stages to the execution, everything was flawless. Thank you Balloon Artisan!

Gia Simonetti

A balloon arch for a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of an office building.

Beyond satisfied with Balloon Artisan! They were extremely easy to work with and their balloon decor was amazing! They were timely and professional. I requested two organic columns and an arch.. both were absolutely beautiful!! Highly recommend.

Elena Atenza

A large colorful balloon garland over a doorway with a podium sitting in front of it.

Balloon Artisan was so wonderful to work with. They accommodated us with a last minute request and completely exceeded our expectations. Everyone loved the balloon garland, it was all anyone could talk about! Thank you balloon artisan!

Rachel Lewis

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We are so excited to transform your venue and make your event unforgettable!

Red and white balloon garland placed on a stage for a karaoke night.

Pam was great! She put my mind at ease while planning a large corporate event. I was worried we wouldn't have enough branded decor, but her balloon art REALLY made the event pop! Thank you!!

Cassie Fenley

A balloon garland arch on a black shimmer wall for a party.

Incredibly easy and fun experience working with Balloon artisan! They made the whole process seamless and stress free. The end results were phenomenal and our clients were over the moon with the balloons. Lots of pictures were taken! The balloons really elevated the whole look and ambiance of our event! I will absolutely be working with Balloon Artisan again and again 👏🏻

Hope Orr

A White, yellow, blue and gold balloon arch for a company party.

Everyone on the team was so wonderful & made the process so easy and seamless — from brainstorming to actual set-up.  I would highly recommend to anyone planning an event soon.  Loved it — turned out beautifully and was a big hit!

Sarah Dunn

A balloon garland installed over a welcome window at a Cadence Bank Grand Opening.

The Balloon Artisan team is top notch! From booking to job complete, a team member stays in contact with you via email and text and delivers exactly what you agree upon. I have used them several times and will continue for my future events.

Danielle Dunsker

2 organic balloon column towers with a branded logo topper on them.

I have used balloon artisan for 4 different work events this year and they have been absolutely wonderful to work with! Every person I interacted with was fantastic. Thank you Balloon Artisan for making my life easier and doing great work!

Sarah Campbell

A giant rainbow balloon arch in a convention center.

Balloon Artisan created a 35' balloon arch for a party I did and it was amazing! Super easy to work with and executed my vision 100%! Will use them again in the future.

Rosey Goodrich

A balloon archway placed in front of a doorway of a ballroom.

Ellie and Keenan were just the best to work with - their creative ideas were spot on! Ellie was so responsive in every communication throughout the event, and Keenan and the team onsite were so professional and did an outstanding job. It was really that we could rely on them to help us with the design beforehand, and understand budgetary needs as well that was especially significant. I really cannot recommend them enough!

Jennifer Kimball

A light up marquee balloon arch installation for a VIP Area at a party.

Incredible team to work with. Professional, seamless and the most beautiful balloon constellations out there. I only work with this company when I planning our company’s large-scale corporate events. This is the team you want to work with if you need quality install and decor. HIGHLY recommend!

Stephanie Harvel

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