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Are you willing to put your once-in-a-lifetime event at risk by being somebody's Side Gig?

Most balloon companies are one-person, part-time side hustles. That means they generally charge less than we do... but that also means that if any unexpected circumstances happen (they or their child get sick, a babysitter cancels, burn out, a last-minute vacation, procrastination delays, their full-time job schedule changes, car problems, etc.), your event will get pushed to the back burner and you may have a no show on the day of your event. 😱

When you work with Balloon Artisan, you'll have an entire team with 11+ years of experience (over 100 years of combined experience) that is working for you to make sure your event goes off without a hiccup. You'll never get a second chance to celebrate this milestone in your life and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have the event you've always dreamed of.  

Birthday Balloon Arches, Balloon Garlands and Balloon Decor

Below you'll find just a few of our many birthday balloon decor projects. If you don't see what you're looking for, we promise we can make it! Just send us a message using the contact form and we can get you a custom quote.

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A baby shark balloon arch idea for a 3 year old birthday party

B1: Themed Chiara Balloon Arch

Crawfish Happy Birthday Balloon photo backdrop for a party on a hedge wall.

B2: Greenery Wall Themed Balloon Garland

Balloon arch with cupcakes and sprinkles on it.

B3: Themed Organic Balloon Garland with Balloon Centerpiece

Black Shimmer Wall created for a birthday party or a grand opening photo op.

B4: 8’ x 8’ Deluxe Shimmer Wall Balloon Garland

Light up marquee number 40 with balloons behind it for a photo op backdrop.

B5: Deluxe Marquee Balloon Backdrop

Happy birthday balloon arch with an elephant on it for a 1 year old birthday.

B6: Single Chiara Balloon Arch

A Chicago Cubs Themed Balloon Arch for a birthday party.

B7: Themed Chiara Balloon Arch

A Balloon Garland on a silver Shimmer Wall with a happy birthday neon sign.

B8: 10’ x 8’ Shimmer Wall Balloon Arch

Cool safari animal balloon garland with a balloon mosaic number 30 on it.

B9: 18’ Balloon Garland with Balloon Mosaic Numbers

Cocomelon happy birthday balloon arch with cocomelon cutouts for a party.

B10: Themed Double Chiara Balloon Arch with Cutouts

A cheerful and colorful balloon arch with smiley face flowers.

B11: Happy Flowers Organic Balloon Arch

A greenery hedge wall with a balloon arch hanging on it.

B12: 4’ x 8’ Greenery Wall with Balloon Garland

A pink colored balloon garland with a large number 18 mosaic number for a birthday.

B13: 20' Balloon Garland with Balloon Mosaic Numbers

Balloon arch on a wooden backdrop with a happy birthday sign on it.

B14: Single Chiara Balloon Arch

Golf themed balloon arch for a happy birthday party.

B15: 12’ Simple Themed Balloon Garland

Adorable jungle themed balloon arch garland for a birthday party.

B16: 12’ Themed Balloon Garland

Themed balloon column with balloon donuts and balloon candy sprinkles.

B17: Themed Balloon Column

An elegant white gold and silver balloon garland that is decorating a stairway for a birthday party.

B18: 20' Balloon Garland

Silver pink and white balloon arch with a happy birthday shimmer wall

B19: 8’ x 8’ Shimmer Wall Balloon Garland

A hedge wall with balloons on it for a photo op.

B20: Double Chiara Balloon Garland with Hedge Wall

80s and 90s theme balloon arch backdrop with a shimmer wall.

B21: Themed 4’ x 8’ Shimmer Wall with Balloon Arch

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We promise your experience working with us will be pretty awesome... but don't just take our word for it. Here's what others are saying about us!

A golf themed balloon garland on a wall for a 1st birthday party.

The balloon arch and marquee that they created for my son’s first birthday were both amazing!! They completely brought my vision to life and even added little touches that I never would’ve thought of to make it that much better. The whole process was so easy and the communication was fantastic. Would definitely recommend them to anyone needing balloons!

Samantha Bickert

A happy birthday balloon arch with an elephant for a 1st birthday party.

We had a great experience with Balloon Artisan! They were able to realize my vision exactly! I loved the balloon arch and the customized background with my son’s name and happy birthday. They even matched the font I wanted. The set up and tear down was super easy and painless. They did it all! The balloon arch was the center piece of the party. I would definitely use them again. 😊😊

Neha Scher-Shah

Beautiful balloon garland on a fireplace mantle for a 40th birthday.

Balloon Artisan recently did an arrangement for my daughter's 40th birthday party.  Everything was amazing from my first contact with their team member.  Great response time, great communication and the arrangement was stunning.  The install team was amazing as well! Will definitely use them for my next event!

Elaine Neil

A Chicago cubs themed balloon arch for a birthday with a neon sign.

Let me just say, they are on top of things - from communication to execution - and their arches are absolutely stunning. Ceecy is so talented! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add a little something extra to their party! I look forward to working with them again in the future : )

Ashley Torsiello

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Birthday Balloon Arches, Birthday Balloon Garlands and other Balloon Decor

How do I order my Birthday Balloon Arch and Birthday Balloon Garland?

Simply fill out the form on this page if you have questions, would like a custom quote or are ready to get your balloon arch Delivery scheduled!

We receive about 15-20 requests for balloon arches every day (We are REALLY good at what we do) so filling out that form is the best way for our team to make sure we have all of the details we need to get you a quote in one place.

How much does it cost to get a Balloon Arch or Balloon Garland for a birthday party?

That's a great question! Ultimately that's kind of like asking, "How much does a house cost?" There are SO many factors that go into pricing that it's hard to give a fixed number (designs, colors, accessories, travel distance, setup/cleanup time, venue accessibility and more). We have some designs that go up into the thousands and others that start around $500.

If you'd like us to send over our Design and Pricing Brochure so you can get an idea of what your birthday balloon arch will cost, fill out the form on this page and we will get that sent over!

How does Birthday Balloon Arch and Balloon Garland Installation / Clean Up work?

Our team will handle all of the installation and clean up of your balloon arch and balloon garland for you! Generally we will build your balloon arch off-site and bring it preassembled. At times we will add additional balloons on-site to perfect your balloon arch / balloon garland design.

Once your event is over, we will return to your venue and get everything cleaned up for you! Trust us... you do NOT want to be picking up balloon scraps all night...

How long will the Birthday Balloon Arch last?

Most of our clients only need their balloon arches for a short duration (1-3 days) and the balloons generally hold up just fine for that duration. If balloon arches are indoors they can easily last several weeks and still look great!

We can't make any definitive promises but your balloon arch should generally last a day outdoors without too many issues. It's important to know that direct sun exposure, extreme heat (above 95 degrees) and wind can be very unkind to your balloon arch. Our team has a secret process we've developed over our 10+ years decorating for outdoor events that will maximize your balloon arch's chances of survival though.

Can I get a custom sign for my Balloon Arch and Balloon Garland?

Absolutely! We have a pretty big inventory of Happy Birthday signs you can add to your balloon arch or we can make a custom happy birthday sign for your balloon arch.

Will my Balloon Arch have Helium in it?

None of our balloon arches or garlands have helium in them. We will work with you to determine the best way to install your birthday balloon arch. Many of our designs come with a self-supported framework and others can be installed to a wall.

We are not fans of using helium in balloons and we try to help our clients not be as well. Helium is a limited and depleting resource that is in short supply right now. Many venues won't allow helium balloons plus it's expensive, terrible for the environment and there are much better uses for helium than inflating party balloons (like using it for life-saving medical procedures).

Can my Balloon Arch be moved once it's installed?

We generally try to set up our birthday balloon arches where they will be for the party. While they can be moved if needed, sometimes it can be a bit difficult.

How big will my Birthday Balloon Arch be?

Ultimately it depends on what we end up creating! If you have a spacial constraint, send us a photo using the contact form and we can give you some recommendations for birthday balloon arches that will work best for you.

Is my balloon arch environmentally friendly?

The vast majority of our balloons are 100% latex. Latex is created using the bark of the rubber tree, is 100% biodegradable and decomposes at the same rate as an oak leaf. The carbon footprint of balloons is also lower than just about any other decor element out there (air is pretty easy to come across and uninflated balloons take up almost no space). The carbon footprint of flowers for example is significantly higher than the carbon footprint for balloons.

We also make sure that we pick up every last balloon scrap when we clean up your balloon arch.

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We are so excited to transform your venue and make your event unforgettable!

A black shimmer wall with a black and gold balloon garland and light up number 40 marquee numbers

The balloon decor was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

Eduardo H.

A happy birthday ice cream cone balloon arch.

The balloon art far exceeded my expectations! There were soooo many compliments!

Jeremy Anderson

A baby shark balloon arch for a birthday party with a sign.

Everything was fantastic. Would highly recommend use in the future. They were on time and communicative. Fantastic service!


A patriotic red, white and blue balloon arch for a birthday party with a man holding a patriotic cake.

Everything was fantastic! Rose did an incredible job!

Karen G

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