Our Balloon Installation Portfolio

With over five hundred projects under our belts, we are the team you need to execute your creative vision and take your event to the next level. To see our most recent installations, download our latest e-Brochure at the bottom section of this page.

Large Balloon Installations

Our Large Balloon Installations are guaranteed to amaze! Plus, they get posted all over social media which leads to great exposure to your brand / event.
Balloon Artisan creates large balloon arches with lots of colors.
A Large Rainbow Colored Balloon Arch Installation is suspended from the ceiling.
Blue and Purple Balloon Garland created for an event in Las Vegas, Nevada.
A pink, blush, coral and peach balloon wall created on a box hedge.
A multi colored balloon garland installation on a pavilion at Thanksgiving Point.
A Green and White Balloon Garland Photo Op on a Boxwood Hedge.
A balloon garland outdoors at an event entrance for Adobe Bash in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Balloon Artisan created a large rainbow balloon installation decoration in Utah.
A Red White and Black Balloon Installation hanging from the Ceiling at John Pestana's Garage.
A Balloon Half Arch is in an entryway for an event for the Siegfried Convention in Las Vegas.
A Balloon Garland Backdrop used for a selfie station has orange, red and yellow balloons.

Balloon Cloud Chandeliers

Need to break up the monotony of a large empty space? Our Balloon Cloud Chandeliers are exactly what you need.
White Balloon Chandeliers that are suspended from the ceiling in a convention center.
Large White Balloon Cloud Chandeliers are a good way to fill empty space in a convention center.
Impressive Large White Hanging Weather Balloons suspended from the ceiling.

Balloon Wall Installations

Balloon Walls make great stage backdrops or backdrops for selfie stations. We have also used Balloon Walls to cover eyesores in event spaces.
A white and green Balloon Wall decoration for the DoTerra Evolve Conference.
A person standing in front of a white balloon wall decoration at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
An LED Balloon wall lit up by uplighting on a stage.
A balloon wall decoration with a neon sign makes a great selfie photo opp.

Orbz Balloon Installations

Mylar Orbz Balloon Installations are really cool! They pair well together with LED Uplighting to create some pretty incredible photo ops. Plus they are usable in environments where latex balloons aren't allowed.
A Silver Mirror Ball Balloon Chandelier with blue lighting hanging from the ceiling.
A Balloon Display created for the IGTV Instagram event at VidCon in the Anaheim Convention Center.
Silver Balloon Orbz chandelier in an event venue.
A Silver orb balloon chandelier installation suspended from the ceiling.
A Gold Orbz Balloon Arch in Park City, Utah at the Montage.
A silver mirror ball balloon installation hanging by a mirror.

Mirror Ball Balloon Installations

Mirror Ball Balloons are made of a vinyl and PVC mix and can either be suspended from the ceiling or connected on the ground.
 A Silver mirror ball balloon install outdoors in Las Vegas.
A silver mirror ball balloon activation installation makes the perfect photo opportunity.
Balloon Artisan rents out mirror balls for events.

Balloon Installation Renderings

Experience your Balloon Installation in your venue before the event thanks to our photorealistic renderings! Using cutting edge rendering technology, we can show you different design ideas, color palette options and more.
A digital rendering of a rocket balloon installation hanging from the ceiling.
A rendering of a balloon wall with letters.
A rendering of a balloon installation on a box hedge.
An Orange Balloon Installation Rendering for the Optum Convention in Las Vegas.
A rendering of a white, black and yellow balloon art decoration installation.
Balloon Artisan can render balloon installations so you see what they look like before your event.
A rendering of a balloon backdrop on a stage.

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